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Waxmaid 5.3" HoneyMod E-rig

Waxmaid 5.3" HoneyMod E-rig

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  Get ready to make big clouds with the HoneyMod E-rig. At 5.35 inches tall,the packs a big punch with a powerful 1600mAh battery , and you can control the velocity of the inhaled clouds by rotating the steel deck to find a velocity that is most comfortable for you.


About Waxmaid HoneyMod E-rig

1. Air flow adjustable;Adjust the air flow by rotating the steel plate deck to find the right velocity

2. Quartz ball spins quickly in the coil during the inhale; Wax will be fully atomized and used completely.

3. Mouth piece with belt is easy to attach, and also protect the glass;

4. Two heating ways.

Kit Includes:

1× HoneyMod E-rig

1× Mouth piece with ring

1× Coil

1× Glass 

1× Steel deck with air flow control

1 × USB-C Changer cable

Loading & Cleaning Tools

Extra Seal Rings & Quartz Balls

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