About Waxmaid

About Waxmaid

Waxmaid is the world’s 1st durable silicone water pipe USA brand since 2016, offering smoke water pipes, hand pipes, nectar collector, blunt bubbler and accessories we designed.

As a well-known smoking tools brand in the smoking industry, Waxmaid is the FIRST company to create a silicone water pipe, combining silicone and glass as a hybrid water pipe to be distributed worldwide. We are constantly innovating our way through, providing updated products to make smoking more fun in today’s world. Waxmaid’s innovative use of PLATINUM CURED SILICONE to make smoking rigs and accessories is far safer than typical silicone products.

Waxmaid FDA & ISO 9001:2000 Certifications

Innovation & originality is at the heart of what we do here at Waxmaid.

Waxmaid employs a globally diverse and collaborative team that is passionate about making more fun and unique products. With our design headquarters in California, we have partnered with two experienced European designers to make up our global design development team, with our production factory in Mainland China. Our factory has specialized in silicone production for over 15 years, not only producing for Waxmaid smoking products, but also to supply OEM business to other smoking brands.

Waxmaid is a very open minded brand and we welcome creativity and new ideas! Our designers will bring your ideas to life, with the potential of you becoming our Brand Ambassador. All are welcome to submit design ideas directly and we may even offer a travel or cash reward as compensation for your work. Pleasefeel free to contact us!

Email address: service@waxmaid.com