Waxmaid Dropshipping offers competitive pricing to partners world-wide on a variety of smoking rigs made of quality glass and platinum-cured silicone, products range from silicone glass water pipes, dry pipes, hand pipes, nectar collector, blunt bubbler/ joint bubbler, herb grinders, and other smoking accessories.

What is Drop Shipping? Drop Shipping involves buying products cheaply.You don’t need to undertake the risk of stock, we will ship the products directly to your customers.

Q1: What will you benefit from Waxmaid Drop Shipping?
1. Waxmaid has a large traffic and has been famous for over 6 years in USA. So  you will be a worldwide e-commerce retailer at a low cost with no risk.
2. Waxmaid offer a wide selection of products without the need to purchase or store the inventory.It means you don’t need to stock Waxmaid products, zero risk.
3. Waxmaid all products are open to you,you have the totally freedom to determine your own retail prices and profits.
4. 2-3 business days fast shipping, and perfect after-service.

Q2: How Does Drop Shipping Work?
Please contact linda@waxmaid.com or WhatsApp: +1(865) 484-6318/(865) 484-6318 for approval, and disscuss more details. We typically reply within 1 business working day.

Q3: Customs and Tax issues for Drop Shipping orders.
For those customers from other countries outside USA. It’s your duty to inform your customers of Customs and Tax for their country before placing orders.We will try our efforts to help your customers minimize the tax.