Why Should You Choose Waxmaid Silicone Water Pipes?

Why should you choose Waxmaid water pipes?

Water pipes came as part of the evolution that smoking flowers and concentrates are facing. Now that more countries and regions are legalizing marijuana use, there is a competitive search for the best tools. 

Waxmaid is here now, and they are boasting of having the best water pipes that allow you to enjoy smooth hits every time. The innovation involved here is extraordinary, and that is why you get water pipes of all sizes and shapes. 

The question is, why should you choose the Waxmaid water pipes? Is the silicone durable? Let’s see the answers to those questions and what else the enterprise has to share on the product’s end. 

Why Should You Go for Waxmaid Water Pipes?

There are a couple of reasons why Waxmaid wins the race here, even with the dominance of glass-made water pipes. We like them, but what if you are presented with something worthy of changing your mind? 

Here is what you get once you order a water pipe from the website. 

Durable Materials 

Unless you want the glass water pipes (also available on Waxmaid), the material you will meet in most products is platinum-cured silicone. We know you are about to raise doubts on that, but it’s durable, thanks to the hardening, and the FDA has certified it as beyond food-safe. 

That’s why there is nothing to worry about if you get a pipe that is all silicone here. There is a combination of glass, as we will see in some of the water pipes. The silicone always protects the glass from accidental breaks. 

So, in every water pipe with a glass part, it will be well surrounded by silicone. So, any falls will meet a bouncy material. The hardness of the silicone is essential, especially if you are living in warm regions where winter is full of rain instead of ice. 


At Waxmaid, they don’t deliver the water pipes alone. That’s the beauty of dealing with them. If you get a water pipe, it may have the following:

  • A glass bowl 
  • Dabbing and cleaning tools 
  • Nail (Titanium or Quartz)
  • Magnet to hold the lighter and dabbing tools 
  • Silicone container
  • Glass jar
  • Etc. 

The list above depends on what you are ordering and what’s applicable. For example, if you get a 4-in-1 double percolator water pipe, there may be a glass bowl for the hits and a titanium nail if you need to utilize the nectar collector. 

Most water pipes can serve more than one purpose, so additional accessories are available depending on the function. We will look into this after the subheading below. 

The Use and Cooling Effect 

We have mentioned above that Waxmaid water pipes mostly have more than one purpose. That does not apply to all, but in most cases, you get phrases like 2-in-1, 3-in-1, and 4-in-1. That means you can use a water pipe in other ways than what it depicts when fully assembled. 

If we look at the soldier 2-in-1, which also functions as a nectar collector, it already presents two uses. First, it’s a water pipe when fully assembled. You now have a nectar collector when you take out the mouthpiece and connect the titanium nail from the base. 

That refutes the need to buy two types of tools for the dab. The best part comes in when you need to cool off the smoke. The water pipes will hold water in their compartments (either silicone or glass), and the water remains at room temperature all through. 

Depending on what you will get, there may be single or double filtration. The latter is seen in the double percolator water pipe where the smoke meets two chambers full of water before getting to you. 

In products like the horn water pipe, there’s more room for water. That brings in a cooling effect that may equal the double percolation effect.  


It’s a combination of silicone and glass here. So, you will never get weighty water pipes with sizes that make it difficult to move, especially during that outdoor activity. That is why these water pipes are the best trip companion regardless of what you are carrying. 

So, if you want to make your friends realize that a water pipe can accompany you to the jungle and back, visit the Waxmaid website. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

There are two cleaning ways when dealing with the water pipes. One is for the silicone, and the other is for the glass. In the prior, it’s dishwasher safe, and you can go ahead to use soap and water. You can realize better results if you choose to freeze and de-gunk or boil. 

When dealing with glass, first put it in a storage bag and then add a solution of concentrated alcohol (70% and above) and salt. Shake to get rid of the brown residue. After that, rinse off with clean water and leave to dry. 

You need to note that you shouldn’t use alcohol to clean the silicone material due to corrosion. 

Waxmaid Silicone Water Pipes

Now that you know why you should go for Waxmaid, here is an overview of some of the best water pipes on offer at affordable prices. 

Waxmaid Horn Silicone Water Pipe 

It’s 8.5 inches tall with the shape of a horn. To make it one of the best water pipes, Waxmaid added a wide base area for stability. The surrounding of platinum-cured silicone on the primary glass material is an added advantage. 

It helps in protecting the horn silicone water pipe from accidental falls. Near the base, that is where you get the downstem that leads to the bottom. Once filled with water, you get the bubbling effect as you inhale from the top. 

A 14mm male glass bowl holds the contents as you heat and take the puffs. The horn water pipe is best for heavy users who don’t mind dealing with clouds of smoke from every hit.

Waxmaid Silicone Double Percolator Water Pipe 

The second water pipe on the list achieves more than what you would expect. The material here is platinum-cured silicone, and the only glass parts are the middle glass jar and the glass bowl. 

When fully assembled, you get a 4-in-1 double percolator water pipe. The smoke circulates several times in the bottom and top glass chambers before getting to you. That’s how you will be getting smooth hits every time. 

If you need a 3-in-1, that is possible after removing the glass. The mouthpiece and downstem can go to the top and sideways, respectively, or vice versa. That gives you two more ways to use it. 

The last one is the nectar collector. It involves the titanium nail inserted at the base and the mouthpiece. 

Waxmaid Soldier 2-in-1 Water Pipe & Nectar Collector 

Waxmaid also has a water pipe in the shape of a soldier. Apart from being a 2-in-1, it also packs your contents, thanks to the jar on the sides. More accessories here include a titanium nail that completes the nectar collector after connecting to the mouthpiece. 

You also get another container at the base, a quartz banger, and a bird nest bowl which works better with flower use. The heavy silicone material protects the bottom glass chamber, which comes off easily when it’s time to refill. 

As you hold, the ripple texture on the surface provides the grip, and it also completes the rugged soldier look. A banger is included here for the concentrates, and the quartz material retains heat for more extended periods. 

Waxmaid Airship Nectar Collector Kit 

Lastly, we have the airship nectar collector kit that inspires those who like the skies and a way to get there. The kit includes a nectar collector in the shape of an airship, a 25ml glass jar, a titanium nail, and a 15ml octopus silicone container for the concentrates. 

Being a nectar collector will suit those considering the essential oils, BHO, or wax. The best advantage is that a glass container holds the concentrates, and the octopus comrade is valuable when collecting the dab. 

Due to the airship design, the nectar collector collects more smoke that accumulates in the broader part.


Silicone proved durable after Waxmaid heavily utilized it to make the best water pipes and other products. Here, it’s platinum-cured, making it harder yet protective where the glass is also included. 

Apart from the water pipes reviewed above, there’s more from the website, and it will take 2-3 days to deliver after ordering. Once you get the chosen tool, it will be easy to forget too much glass to perform the same task.

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