What is the Exact Definition of Dab Rig?

what is a dab rig

We need a dab rig to smoke the dab. So, what exactly is the prior and why should you have it if you are into dabbing? Concentrates is the formal name for the sticky substance and it helps in smoking a joint in one single puff! 

That may be an exaggeration but that’s the power of shatter, BHO, or wax among other types. We get the concentrates from extracted THC from flowers before vaporizing using a dab rig

Here, we will explain more about this tool and how you can best utilize it. You will also learn how to differentiate it from the water pipes. 

Dab Rig Defined 

This is simply a device that helps you smoke the concentrates. Dab rigs are mainly glass but you will also get silicone and electric types if you check on websites like Waxmaid. It has a double filtration mechanism to help in cooling down the smoke before the inhalation. 

When you order a dab rig kit, you will get the main rig and a nail or banger as the attachment where you load the dab. They are available in different shapes and sizes. That’s why you can get the tube glass dab rig or an electronic one.   

Vocabulary in the Dab Rig Realm 

If you would like to use a dab rig, then you need to be familiar with some of the common terms. They include the following: 

  • The dab rig: This is a pipe with double filtration that assists in smoking the cannabis concentrates or the oils. You can get one in herb dispensaries and shops or order online. The best time to fetch one is during happy hours or when there is an offer. 

There are fully sized rigs but you can get a mini dab rig if you are not a hardcore stoner. 

  • Dabber: This is the tool you use to load the dab on the nail or banger. It looks like a small spoon or shovel, and it’s mainly made of glass or stainless steel. You may get wood carvings, though. It helps in fetching and applying the concentrates, so you don’t have to burn your fingers. 
  • Nail: Here, you can get a nail or a banger. It’s typically a heating attachment that can be quartz, titanium, glass, or ceramic. It needs to be heated to extremely high temperatures before applying the concentrates. You will get a dab rig kit consisting of the rig and a nail or banger in most cases. 
  • An electronic nail:  This is a heating element just like the nail above, but the design permits electric current. A controller box regulates the flow of current, which meets the motor that heats the nail. Temperature control is precise, but it will cost you more compared to the traditional types. 
  • Carb cap: It’s the covering used to trap your dab as it heats up. It’s more like a lid that helps trap the temperature and the vapor, allowing you to get the most out of the concentrates. 
  • Dab: This is cannabis concentrates dose that is about the size of the rice grain. You get names like shatter, cured sugar, live resin associated with the dab. It can be brittle, waxy, or sticky so, it’s a good idea to get the right advice on the best options based on preference and needs. 
  • Q-Tips: These are the tools you use to clean the nail after the session. A q-tip will help in removing the leftovers after dabbing. 
  • A torch: It could be a blow torch or a heat gun used to heat the nail to the desired temperatures. You need a proper torch instead of a lighter since the latter does not heat the nail to the required temperatures. It needs heating for at least 30 seconds before applying the concentrates. 

How to Use a Dab Rig 

Now, you have an idea of what to tell a friend when they ask you what a dab rig is. Next, we will see how you can use that dab rig for maximum benefits. The use may vary depending on the make where electric ones have a different way to load and light up.

  1. Connect the nail to the Dab Rig 

Depending on the dab rig, you may have to assemble it first. That, however, applies to those with silicone and glass combinations. There is nothing much to join for the glass dab rig apart from the nail or the banger. 

Ensure that the nail is firmly attached to the downstem for proper use. Otherwise, there will be much loss to bear once you start hitting. Check the male connector to see if it can fit on the downstem or require an adapter. 

  1. Heat the Nail and Allow for Cooling  

Use a proper torch to heat the nail for the next 30 seconds to one minute. When it’s properly heated, you will see a red glow. After that, allow it to cool for about 10-15 seconds before applying the concentrates. 

As you allow it to cool, make sure the nail is away from you to prevent burns. 

  1. Use the Dabbing Tool to Load the Dab 

Fetch some of the wax from your storage container using the dabber and place it inside the dome. Let the tool stay there until all the oil has evaporated. 

  1. Inhale While Covering with a Carb 

Inhale the dab and let the smoke pass through the filtration process. If the nail is in the correct temperatures, then you will have no coughing problems. Take time before you exhale. It’s good for your throat and lungs. 

  1. Clean Up 

As the dab kicks in, you can let the nail cool to a warm temperature and then use a Q-tip to remove the residue. If better cleaning is required, use concentrated alcohol mixed with salt to clean the nail and the dab rig, too. 

Difference Between Dab Rigs and Water Pipes 

There may be no significant difference, but dab rigs and water pipes are not the same. Here are a few statements that will help you distinguish the two:

  • You can use a water pipe to smoke flowers or concentrates. Dab rigs are meant explicitly for the concentrates. 
  • There is more filtration in dab rigs than water pipes. Smoke in dab rigs is made to circulate more in the water chamber before getting to you. 
  • Water pipes are larger when compared to dab rigs. 
  • Water pipes have bowls to load the content, while the dab rigs come with the nail or the banger. 


We now know what a dab rig is and some of the standard terms associated with it. We hope the use procedure is self-explanatory since you will get the best results if you use it as advised. 

If you are a concentrates user, utilizing a dab rig will give you the ultimate highness, and you will not waste much. This nectar is expensive, and that’s why you need to use it sparingly. With a dab rig, you can never go wrong while taking the hits.

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