Top 5 Dab Rigs Accessories You Must Have

top 5 dab rigs accessories

The rising making of concentrates has made the dabbing habit become a common thing. People have been doing it with dab rigs for some time now, and it’s the best way to go recreational with marijuana. 

You may have a couple of dab rigs, but that may not be enough considering the accessories to join the unit. Waxmaid has been at the forefront in making affordable dabbing accessories, and there is something to accompany that bong. 

It’s time you took those dab rigs to the next level. You can start by checking the top five list below to get the idea.

5 Best Dab Rig Accessories for Your Dab Rig 

  1. Universal Traveler Water Bottle Pipe 

The first one is an item that would allow you to travel more comfortably. Instead of figuring out where your dab rig will fit as you move out of the house, just order the traveler pipe on the Waxmaid website. That’s how you solve the dabbing urge while you travel. 

waxmaid traveler pipe

The traveler has a mouthpiece that’s attachable to bottlenecks. So, any bottle with a 19mm to 39mm diameter at the top is good to go here. If you just finished your wine or beer, don’t throw away that bottle because it will come in handy while you are still outdoors. 

The traveler pipe comes with a glass bowl for loading the concentrates and three small tubes. You attach the latter to each other and on the opening leading from the glass bowl position. That will form the downstem that goes into the bottle’s body. 

For the bottle, you can fill it up to halfway with water to help in cooling down the smoke before getting to you. Setting up is quite simple, and the same applies to taking the hits. The glass bowl will take the heat, which will transfer to your concentrates. 

The smoke will accumulate in the bottle before going through the opening leading to the mouthpiece as you inhale. The material making the traveler pipe – platinum-cured silicone is food-safe, thanks to FDA certification and approval. 

It’s fit for use whenever you need some shatter in your brain, and cleaning the top part and tubes is easy. They are all dishwasher safe, and you can also decide to boil if the residue is too much. What you cannot use here is concentrated alcohol to clean the water bottle pipe. 

You can, however, use it on the glass bowl.

  1. Octopus Silicone Concentrate Container 

Another accessory that can accompany that dab rig is the silicone concentrate container. It’s a small container that can function as a dab store or as an ideal place for a nectar collection. It is made of platinum-cured silicone, while the inner part is all glass. 

silicone concentrate container

The inner jar is heat resistant, and that is why there is no problem using a titanium nail on it. It’s also resistant to chemicals, and cleaning will not be a problem since it’s easy to get rid of the wax leftovers or whatever you are having. 

You can detach the silicone from the glass jar, and that’s great when it’s cleaning time. What covers at the top is silicone, and it fits nicely on the six slots on the silicone protecting the glass jar. That prevents your content from smelling when you are facing some warm weather. 

There are six colors to choose from on the Waxmaid website, and the delivery is quicker than you thought. If you need to clean, you can use warm water and soap on the silicone and the glass jar. If the latter is not getting clean, you can use a mixture of 70% alcohol and salt. 

You should, however, not use alcohol on the silicone. 

  1. Bird Nest Silicone Glass Bowl

You can replace that banger or nail with a glass bowl once in a while. It’s suitable for both concentrates and flowers. Waxmaid has a silicone glass bowl that can fit into that dab rig’s downstem if it has a diameter of 14-18 millimeters. 

The glass bowl is inside platinum-cured silicone which serves as protection against breaking. The silicone has the shape of a bird’s nest, and that’s why the glass bowl has the phrase as part of its full naming. 

If you are holding the glass bowl, you will not feel the heat burning your fingers as you torch it above. That’s the power of the surrounding silicone which also makes it easier to clean since it’s dishwasher safe. 

  1. One Hitter Replacement for Waxmaid Silicone Dugout 

Have you ever owned the Waxmaid’s silicone dugout? Then you know the titanium nail and ceramic mouthpiece combination. If not, here it is for you to check out since it serves as a perfect nectar collector. 

When you are tired of the dab rig, this one hitter replacement will help you get quick wax hits as you progress through the day. The mouthpiece is ceramic, and it does not heat up even when the titanium nail is red hot. 

That makes it safe for the mouth. The best thing about this nail is that it’s small enough to be portable without minding the occupied space. Next, the materials are solid and durable. Dropping the one hitter will not be a problem because nothing is breaking here. 

As you use it, there is no metal smell getting to you. That means you will enjoy the concentrates as they are without any tampering taste. The best way to clean the titanium nail is using a small bristle brush. Ensure that you take out all the residue before the next hit. 

  1. 90o Quartz Dab Banger

Lastly, we have a banger replacement for the dab rig. Whatever you use on it can be replaced with this 90° Quartz Dab Banger that has a material you would like to hit your concentrates.

It’s the quartz that is quick when hitting, and it’s also known to retain heat. It has a male joint that fits into a 14mm diameter downstem. If your dab rig is within that range, then you are good to go. 

Cleaning the quartz requires 70% concentrated alcohol mixed with coarse salt. Just put the banger in a storage bag and then add the solution. Shake until the solution turns dirty brown. You can then rinse and leave the banger in a safe place for drying.

90° Quartz Dab Banger


Now, it’s a matter of choosing the best accessory to accompany your dab rig. The latter is always great when smoking the concentrates, but it may be cumbersome to carry around. At other times, you may want to replace what you use above the downstem with something spectacular. 

We hope that the above items will make it to your dab rig. Ordering is effortless on the Waxmaid website, and it will take 2-3 business days before the product arrives. Yes, they are that quick, so hurry while the stocks last. 

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