Top 5 Best Nectar Collectors for Beginners

Top 5 Best Nectar Collectors for Beginner

Do you enjoy dabbing? There are many ways to do it, and we have something in the nectar collector niche. They always look simple and cool, not to mention it’s easier to use than the heavy bongs and water pipes. 

You can also watch your intake by just removing the nail from the dab when you are done. If you are looking for a way to smoke the concentrates, we have the best five nectar collectors from Waxmaid . They are all the better choices for both the experienced and the novice. 

So, beginners, don’t be shy. It’s easy as pie to use these nectar collectors. 

Waxmaid Top 5 Nectar Collectors 

  1. Capsule Silicone Glass Nectar Collector 

The first on the list is a capsule nectar collector, which imitates what the water pipes do as it keeps it simple and slim.  You can call it an inflated nectar collector due to the glass container in the middle. 

At the bottom, you have a titanium nail as the tip, and it’s irreversibly packed. So, when the nectar collector arrives, you should push it inside, pull it out and turn it before inserting it back, and ensure it’s tight. 

Waxmaid 8″ Capsule Silicone Glass Nectar Collector

The glass part is removable, and that’s great when you need some water in the percolator. The top, bottom, and percolator are all platinum-cured silicone. The material is thick but flexible at the same time. 

After heating the titanium nail, you can place it on the concentrates as you inhale. The smoke fills the glass chamber where it meets the water to cool it down. The percolator helps in cooling by bubbling before the smoke gets to you via the mouthpiece. 

Since the glass is removable, you can get it out when it’s time to clean the parts. There are about five color varieties to choose from the Waxmaid selection. They own the original design. So, if you find a copy, know that it’s a duplicate. 

  1. Upgraded Capsule Silicone Glass Nectar Collector Kit 

The capsule nectar collector kit is a full version of the above. What you get in the package includes the nectar collector, a glass jar, a 22ml silicone jar, a banger, and a dab tool. That’s a fantastic collection from Waxmaid to get your hits done most stylishly. 

Everything is disassembled here. So, it should always start with the assembly. The bottom part holds the titanium nail, while its top has the inner percolator tube. Once you insert the percolator and the glass jar, you have a space to fill in some water for the cooling effect. 

Waxmaid 8″ Upgraded Capsule Silicone Glass Nectar Collector Kit

The mouthpiece at the top is also platinum-cured silicone, and it serves as the glass chamber seal. There will be no water popping out during use. When fully put together, the whole unit is eight inches tall. Fitting into a tight bag pack will not be a problem. 

Something to bring in more fun involves the banger. It has a connecting tube that goes to where you insert the titanium nail. So, if you want to smoke the concentrates or the flowers using the glass banger, the nectar collector will not have a problem with that. 

You will need to hit the banger before using it, though, for the shatter intake. More accessories include a 22ml glass jar that you can use while hitting the dab oil. You can use the dabbing tool in the collection to load the glass jar from the oil container that is also included. 

Buying this kit means having everything you need for the dab day trip. 

  1. Gemini 2-in-1 Water Pipe and Nectar Collector 

Here, we have a nectar collector that comes from a water pipe. That is why the Gemini 2 in 1 nectar collector is among the items in this review. Purchasing means getting everything concerned, and that starts with the Gemini bubbler and the nectar collector. 

There is also a titanium nail tip and a 14mm glass bowl. The Gemini zodiac inspires the water pipe’s shape, and somewhere within, there was a way to include a nectar collector. 

The water pipe has a glass container that goes to the middle. The rest of the parts apart from the glass bowl are all platinum-cured silicone. The mouthpiece goes to one of the top’s ends while the glass bowl goes to the other. If the bottom glass is filled with water, that’s how you get the bubbler. 

When you don’t need the whole unit, that is where the nectar collector becomes worthy. To get it, all you need is the mouthpiece and the titanium nail connected to the base of the water pipe. 

The nail’s end is only 10mm, and it fits on the narrow end of the mouthpiece. After the connection, you can hit the nail end and use it to collect the dab. Once you are done, there is a glass from the Gemini for some water or that sweet drink. 

  1. Waxmaid Needle Nectar Collector Kit 

The next one on the list is the needle nectar collector kit which is a cute bunch of everything you need to take a quick hit. The nectar collector has a shape of a large needle. The bottom part holds the titanium nail, but the quartz nail is something else in the midst. 

Both nails have a 10mm diameter. The nectar collector material is platinum-cured silicone which is excellent for use and maintenance as you clean it. If you want hits regularly, that is when you use the titanium nail. 

If you will be doing it for a more extended period, that is when you need the quartz nail. Hitting it is quick and does not lose heat fast. Something else in the pack is the dab glass bowl to hold the dab as you take the hits. 

That is why this Waxmaid package is a great traveling option for those who are always on the move. Since it’s all silicone, there is nothing wrong with washing, freezing, or throwing it in the dishwasher. 

  1. Waxmaid Airship Nectar Collector Kit 

Lastly, there is something here to take you as high as the airship. It’s an airship nectar collector kit with the main body looking like that old plane (they still float, I guess). What you get here is an oval nectar collector with a glass jar forming the base. 

The narrow front will hold the titanium nail. In the bottom middle part, the glass jar acts as a place to store the dab as you ‘take the flight.’ As you inhale, the central part is wide to accumulate more smoke before it gets to you. 


So, be ready to take significant hits every time you use it. The main body is platinum-cured silicone, and that’s great for carrying and maintenance. When fully assembled, it’s about seven inches, and that’s not large if you want to pack it. 

In the package, you also get an octopus silicone container to hold the dab as you travel. You can also inhale directly there if you don’t need to use the glass jar. The main body is platinum-silicone, and it’s certified to be safe for use by the FDA. 


Those are the five best nectar collectors that Waxmaid has to offer. There is more where the above came from, so take a chance to check what is on the main website. Do they look cool? If that’s your heading nodding yes, then purchase what is suitable for your dab hits from the website. 

It takes 2-3 business days to deliver, which means you can get it faster. That implies you can start taking a break from the water pipes and bongs in a short while after reading the review above. 

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