Top 4 Halloween Smoking Supplies for 2021

Top 4 Halloween smoking supplies for 2021

We may be getting older as our traditions keep fading away but celebrations at least revive the memories. It’s October, Halloween month and the D-day is approaching. We know you already have that scary attire and you are already looking for a movie to suit the occasion. 

That’s okay but what about the smoking supplies? You can be spooky but as a stoner, you need to complete the picture by having some top-notch Halloween smoking supplies. Waxmaid has them and we are going to review the top four items that will serve as the best Halloween gifts if you will not be using them.  

Crystor S Mini Transparent Silicone Double Percolator Water Pipe 

Waxmaid is full of amazing products. You get water pipes and rigs in different shapes and the Crystor S Mini double percolator water pipe is one of them. The whole material making it is platinum-cured silicone which is not only food-safe but also durable. 

Since the FDA already approves it, you have no worries about purchasing it for the Halloween party. Using it to smoke will give you the coolest hits to calm down the hype. The double percolator design allows the smoke to cool off properly before getting to your lungs. 

So, there are no burning effects but you have to add some water to get such results. The base is wide enough to make the Crystor S stable and prevent falling due to accidental knocks. 

The fun part here is the mouthpiece that is somehow bent to allow better inhales. It also creates convenience. There is a downstem to help in leading the smoke from the glass bowl to the bottom chamber. The top part permits the entry of a 14mm glass bowl. 

Waxmaid also includes a glass adapter in the package. Still, on the downstem, there is a strong magnet that allows you to carry your lighter and the dabbing tools. So, it’s a unit that will not allow you to misplace anything. 

Since the material is all silicone, that means you can wash it using soap and water, use the dishwasher or throw it in the freezer. The latter option is much better due to silicone’s durability and flexibility. 

The glass bowl will clean better using a mixture of concentrated alcohol and coarse salt. 

4-in-1 Silicone Glass Double Percolator Water Pipe

It would get better on Halloween if you bought a 4-in-1 double percolator water pipe. It will give you four ways to smoke the concentrates and three methods for the flowers. Why is there a difference? Let’s see. 

When assembled in full, you get a full water pipe with a glass percolator. The smoke is visible via the glass chamber as it circulates several times to cool off before the inhale. If you don’t need the top percolator, you can get rid of it with the glass chamber. 

At that point, there are two ways to use the Waxmaid water pipe. You can have the mouthpiece at the top while the glass bowl is on the side or vice versa. That means the downstem can switch from the side tube to the top position where the silicone percolator fits. 

That presents three ways to hit the oil or the flowers since there is a glass bowl presence. The fourth way is when you plug out the mouthpiece and connect it with the titanium nail. That’s how you get a nectar collector which will suit the shatter, BHO, and other oil types. 

There is a glass and silicone combination for the design, and that’s an advantage. It’s easy to maintain silicone and the glass stays protected. When it’s time to clean, you can wash the silicone parts using the usual means, boil or freeze. 

For the glass, it will require cleaning using concentrated alcohol and salt. The mixture is poured into a storage bag after placing the glass inside. Shake the bag until you get a brown solution before rinsing and storing it to dry.

Gentleman 2-in-1 Hand pipe & Nectar Collector 

Will you be traveling somewhere during Halloween? Then the silicone hand pipe can come in handy when it’s time to take the hits. It’s the Gentleman 2-in-1 which presents you with a pipe and a nectar collector. That is why the titanium nail is included in the package. 

There is also a 22ml wax container and an Octopus silicone glass jar to store and help you smoke the concentrates if you want to use the nectar collector. 

Waxmaid made a clever design to include a dry hand pipe and a nectar collector. You get the latter when you disconnect the long handle and fix the titanium tip on one end. The concentrates can still go into the pipe, but it gets better if you have the flowers. 

Since the material is all silicone, you can wash it using soap and water, use the dishwasher, boil, or freeze.

Horn Silicone Glass Water Pipe 

Lastly, a water pipe will match the Halloween holiday for those who would like to appear bold. It’s a horn silicone dab rig that has platinum-cured silicone and glass. Also included is a 14mm glass bowl. 

It resembles a horn, thanks to the glass shape. The silicone is flexible enough to pop in and out, and it protects the glass from breaking while providing the right stability. The downstem leads to the bottom, where it meets the cooling water. 

With the horn, expect the mouthpiece to be quite large, and that’s okay since it has room for more smoke. Using it is all about loading the bowl, lighting up, and smoking via the top. As we said, you will be smoking the clouds here, and it’s a good way to excite the party. 

The cleaning exercise needs you to take care of the silicone and the glass separately. The silicone is dishwasher safe, while better results kick in when you boil or freeze it to de-gunk. The glass will need washing using a mixture of 70% concentrated alcohol and salt. After that, you can rinse and leave it to dry.


You can get any of the four above or more from Waxmaid once you visit the website. Don’t wait until it’s near Halloween, but if the situation places you there, you can still order and get the product within 2-3 business days. 

Now, it’s time to plan how you will enjoy the smoke on D-day or surprise your friend with a cool dab rig or hand pipe. 

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