Top 3 Recycler Dab Rigs of 2021

recycler dab rigs

We all fantasize about having great things in life. It could be a lovely house or a bracelet you would like to walk around with while in your arms. While that’s the fantasy, if you get even a smaller version of what you desire, at least that’s a dream coming closer. 

For the stoners, you can envision the size of a giant bong being crushed into a smaller portable version. That’s the recycler dab rigs right there, and many have been made just for the sake of rocking your world. 

They serve best when used to smoke the concentrates, but others have gone ahead to have attachments that can help with dry herb consumption. We have three of the best ones from Waxmaid, and all they need is you and your favorite fantasy. 

Three Best Recycler Dab Rigs from Waxmaid 

  1. Rick and Morty Dab Rig 

The first one on the list is the Rick and Morty dab rig, and it will fascinate you with the Rick and Mr. Meeseeks’ drawings, among other characters in the cartoon series. That’s for the Rick and Morty lovers, though, but if you also love quality, it’s well presented here. 

The dab rig is 6.5 inches tall, and the material is premium borosilicate glass. It’s pretty hard to adjust the durability, but you need to care for the accidental falls because they don’t go well with the glass. 

rick and morty rig

It has a broader base area for stability while the top hosts the mouthpiece. The side has a downstem that fits a 14-18 mm dab banger or glass bowl. This dab rig will also have a 90-degree quartz dab banger in the package. 

Double filtration inside makes it a dab rig that gives you cool hits with every inhale. The best part is the use of quartz on the banger since it’s quick to heat and will help retain the needed temperatures to vaporize that wax. 

Cleaning the dab rig requires a mixture of 70% concentrated alcohol and coarse salt. Pour it into the main chamber via the mouthpiece and then shake to get a dirty brown solution. After that, you can rinse the Rick and Morty dab rig before leaving it in a safe place to dry. 

  1. Shower Head Mini Glass Dab Rig Kit 

The next one is a glass dab rig with curves in its shape and a lovely herb pattern design as the main label. While that goes for the looks, we need better mechanisms inside to make it the best dab rig, and the shower head dab rig has that. 

The material is solid and thick glass, and there is a solid base that does not chip out as you continue to use it. It’s 5.9 inches tall, and that’s perfect for use in the house or outdoors since it will not be a problem to carry. 

The inner structure has a honeycomb percolator that allows for double filtration. That is how you get smoother hits while the chamber is filled with some water. Hitting the concentrates will use the 90-degree quartz banger, and you also have a glass bowl option. 

Due to the dab rig’s design, it serves as the perfect gift for your loved ones or your partner on Valentine’s day. If you order it together with the Rick and Morty dab rig on Waxmaid, you can get a 10% discount. 

Since it’s all glass, you will need concentrated alcohol to clean it.

dab rig kit
  1. Ares Dab Rig 

Lastly, we have the Ares dab rig to take your hitting concentration to the next level. It’s an electronic dab rig that is 6.5 inches tall, and that makes it pocket-friendly. However, how it arrives from Waxmaid may make you not walk with it while in one of your pockets. 

You get an excellent package that contains a small bag with some honeycomb designs and a Waxmaid logo. Inside, you get a disassembled dab rig unit, and everything is in place and well held for transit purposes. 

Ares Dab Rig

When assembled, you get a dab rig with a zinc alloy metal as the outer covering. There is a mouthpiece too, which is platinum-cured silicone, and it’s certified as food safe by the FDA. Its diameter is 18mm, so you are good to go if you have a replacement that can fit such a dimension. 

Burning the concentrates is via the top part where there is a ceramic lid. Inside, you get the quartz which is better at heating and retaining the temperatures. Once you load the dab, it’s just a matter of switching the unit on using the power button on the side. 

The power button also helps in switching between the present temperature modes. A yellow light shows it at 475 F, while the green one takes the heat levels to 575F. After putting it on, all you need is your mouthpiece, and you can keep going for the subsequent 60 sessions after a full battery charge. 

There is some charge to try out once the package arrives, but when the unit is battery low, it will take 2 ½ hours to charge. The bag carrying the electric dab rig is smell proof. So, if you have some concentrates in the octopus silicone jar that comes with the package, no one will know about it. 

There are cleaning and dabbing tools as well, and they have their place in the bag, on the side where you see the mesh pocket. That’s also where the USB charging cable goes. You should use the cleaning tools to clean the unit since it’s electric and cannot go into the water. 

The mouthpiece is, however, dishwasher safe.


Which recycler dab rig do you think will make your day? The first two are great for those who would like dab rigs with an excellent shape and still maintain the glass specification on rigs. The third one is the sophisticated dab rig that goes electric, and it’s pretty pricey. 

All you need is to check your pockets and get the one to help you smoke the concentrates with ease. After that, get it from Waxmaid and see your dream recycler arriving within the next 2-3 business days. 

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