How do 4-IN-1 Silicone Water Pipe Work?

how Waxmaid 4 in 1 works

What tool have you been using to smoke your herb? For years, glass bongs and water pipes have been the most popular option. However, that is now changing. Seasoned stoners have now started ditching glass types and adding silicone models to their collection.  Silicone is not only less prone to breakage as compared to glass […]

How to Clean Up Your Silicone Dry Pipes?

clean silicone dry pipes

We have known about marijuana and glass for quite a long time. There is a new material in our midst though and people are considering it since it’s affordable and durable too. It’s the silicone and manufacturers are exploring and utilizing it.  One of them is Waxmaid and it has all manner of smoking accessories. […]

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Waxmaid

3 Things You Didn't Know About Waxmaid

Hello there? Where do you get your dabbing accessories? By that, we mean everything from the bongs to nectar collectors and the dab tools. There are many sources these days, thanks to marijuana legalization, and you can also improvise if you are a tobacco user.  Looking for cheap but durable materials is the human norm […]

Why Should You Choose Waxmaid Silicone Water Pipes?

Why should you choose Waxmaid water pipes?

Water pipes came as part of the evolution that smoking flowers and concentrates are facing. Now that more countries and regions are legalizing marijuana use, there is a competitive search for the best tools.  Waxmaid is here now, and they are boasting of having the best water pipes that allow you to enjoy smooth hits […]

Top 4 Halloween Smoking Supplies for 2021

Top 4 Halloween smoking supplies for 2021

We may be getting older as our traditions keep fading away but celebrations at least revive the memories. It’s October, Halloween month and the D-day is approaching. We know you already have that scary attire and you are already looking for a movie to suit the occasion.  That’s okay but what about the smoking supplies? […]