How to Keep Healthy Even If You are an Old Stoner?

tips on keep healthy when you are an old stoner

There is a stoner perspective that dwells in our society. If you are a regular smoker, some people will brand you as a belly bulger, couch potato, and the likes. You are often found with food in your mouth (oh! It’s the munchies), and you tend to watch TV for endless hours. 

That’s the stoner life, but the majority know how to break out from such habits. So, it’s no longer a stigma that stings people’s minds every time they smell some weed on you. If you shop on Waxmaid, you get a few tips that ensure you take care of your overall health. 

If you don’t know how to keep up with a healthy lifestyle while enjoying the pot, here are some tips for you before you visit the Waxmaid store to check what’s more.  

The Couch is Not Your Friend 

This is an obstacle that many stoners face in their life. If age is kicking in, then relaxing should not be part of the repertoire. The trick here is to get enough cardio which has long-lasting benefits to your overall health. 

You can decide to walk for as few as 20 minutes. The best duration here is taking a stride for about an hour or so. Being healthy should be your primary motivation. Why? For the stoners, exercising our bodies allows for the release of endocannabinoids. 

This is a natural THC form that mixes with endorphins in the body to produce some new form of energy. The THC we consume is stored in fat cells, and exercising will help in breaking it down. The energy is released back to your system, and you somewhat get ‘high’ in the process. 

Cannabis is not unhealthy, but it may bring a few side effects to your body. Apart from interfering with your heart rate, it slows down the nervous system and your physical coordination. So, keep walking if that is the most straightforward exercise you can take. 

More body exercises can include hitting the gym, utilizing a stationary bike or a treadmill, skipping, and jumping. If you don’t have the right motivation to do so, just roll a joint to get the moods up or walk to a favorite spot and then take your hits as a way to congratulate yourself.  

Get Busy Please 

Once you get high, the couch or that swing chair may be attracting you, but it’s a good idea to say no to that temptation. Your physical and emotional health is paramount as you grow older, and it’s easier to get lonely, anxious, and depressed once you smoke. 

It all depends on where you are taking those emotions. Have something that will engage your brain constructively, and that can start with reading your favorite book. Do you like watching or listening to exotic things, how about learning a new language? 

Those who love art can get creative, too, as the weed takes over. If you have nothing to do, you can sing to your favorite tunes or engage in a Q&A about some of the curious things you have heard. They should be optimistic, though. 

If you are one of those who are super productive when high, then take your time to clean up your smoking rigs. You can also decide to grind some stash for the incoming week or the next few days. 

It’s also a good idea to surround yourself with friends who motivate you. Don’t go to those folks who bring you down on everything since that’s not good for your brain. Chase some positive vibes and enjoy some laughter once in a while. 

Evade the Munchies Trick 

You are getting older, and therefore, as you eat more, the food will be stored as fat. The good thing is that you are a stoner, and the weed is helping your body deal with cholesterol, there is less wastage, and the BMI is also lower than the non-stoners. 

Once you smoke, the urge to eat will be there. So, always prepare your food in advance so that you can make some healthy eating habits. Cannabis is known to regulate blood sugars, and that’s great for aging ones. 

That should, however, not give you an excuse to eat all the junk around you and order more. Go for the good stuff for your body and make the right decision when it comes to eating. Utilize fresh fruits such as oranges and mangoes. The latter helps in enhancing the weed effect. 

It’s also a good idea to smoke before a meal so that the food you take can handle the incoming munchies. 

Space Out Your Weed Consumption 

We know you are an old stoner who may be a veteran in the game. We salute you, but it’s time to moderate and go slow. If you are taking too much weed, that’s okay if you have the money for it. On the other hand, do you know what will happen if you are in a position where you can’t acquire more in time? 

That is where you start feeling things you have never experienced before. Learn to space out your intakes and mostly smoke in the evening or during your free days to counter such an effect. 

If you have nothing to do most of the time, find a great activity like attending to your lawn or having some gardening activity. Once you learn to space out, your body will get used to not getting high and utilize the intake when it’s time to take the puff. 


You can enjoy cannabis intake as you grow older and stay healthy too. The above are a few points that you can consider as time goes by. Take care of your health to enjoy the sessions you long for, and you will also have a chance to do it with friends most of the time. 

It’s also a good idea to check on what cannabis type you should consume to have maximum benefits to your body. 

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