How to Clean Up Your Silicone Dry Pipes?

clean silicone dry pipes

We have known about marijuana and glass for quite a long time. There is a new material in our midst though and people are considering it since it’s affordable and durable too. It’s the silicone and manufacturers are exploring and utilizing it. 

One of them is Waxmaid and it has all manner of smoking accessories. The silicone dry pipes are there and they come in handy when you need to take a light dry hit before hitting the road or bed. 

To make the best use case, the silicone dry pipes need care and maintenance. Let’s explore how to clean silicone dry pipes even after long durations of use? 

Silicone Dry Pipes Composition 

You can use silicone to make the smoking accessories and also make it food safe. That is what Waxmaid did and the results were platinum-cured silicone that could make dry pipes of different shapes. The FDA has also declared it food-safe, and that’s why silicone pipes and water pipes are flooding the market. 

Waxmaid Gentleman 2 in 1 Handpipe Nectar Collector

The pipes from Waxmaid will have silicone as the main material. There is glass on the bowl position which is necessary for the burning and it also protects the silicone from getting heated up. The material is hard for durability but you need to clean and maintain it properly to give you long-term service. 

Part of maintenance includes the cleaning mechanisms to get rid of the resin. 

What is This Resin?

As you use your pipe, there is a lot of gummy liquid coming from the weed. They say the more the gum, the better the flowers but that’s a story for another day. If you use the concentrates (BHO. Wax, shatter, etc.), there are more chances of getting this residue in the pipe, especially the tube acting as the mouthpiece. 

With time, you will get a greasy substance in the silicone dry pipes. You need to get rid of it, but how? We will show you how to attend to that silicone like a pro and have your pipe ready for the next session. 

How to Clean the Silicone Dry Pipes 

Dealing with silicone is much easier than glass. So, we will share the best methods to clean it and caution on what you shouldn’t use while cleaning. 

Step 1: Disassemble the Dry Pipe 

In most dry pipes, you get a glass bowl at the front and a long tube that serves as the mouthpiece. If you are shopping on Waxmaid, the pipes will also have a titanium nail. So, you can use the mouthpiece as a nectar collector. Taking the body apart will help in easier cleaning. 

Step 2: Use Warm Water and Soap or the Dishwasher

Silicone is dishwasher safe. If you are one of the lazy ones, you can use the machine. Warm water and soap will also do, although you need a tiny bristle brush to scrub out the resin. The best time to wash the dry pipe is while it’s still warm, after the hits. 

Waxmaid Shark Handpipe

Other Cleaning Alternatives 

1. Pipe Freezing 

With this method, you can rinse the water pipe after use and then put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes. A longer time will also not hurt. After that, take out the pipe and brush off the residue. Freezing helps make the resin brittle, which makes it possible to get rid of it quickly. 

You can also tap it out after freezing. If it doesn’t come out, that’s when you go for the brush. After getting rid of the gunk, rinse the dry pipe and leave it in a safe area to dry.

2. Soaking the Pipe 

This is another effective cleaning method. Place the silicone pipe in a storage bag and then fill in some cleaning solution. You can use a mixture of hot water, some dish soap, and 1-2 teaspoons of white vinegar. 

If you have a cleaning solution that works perfectly with the silicone, that’s much better. Let it soak for at least two hours. The best results kick in if you leave it overnight. 

3. Boiling 

You may think that boiling the dry pipe will weaken the silicone. That’s not the case, though, especially if you are dealing with platinum-cured type. Boiling gives you the best results since the residue will melt over time and come off the tube walls and bowl parts. 

If the gunk does not get off even after using the above washing methods, resulting in boiling will do the cleaning trick. 

Never Use Chemical-Based Solutions to Clean Silicone Dry Pipes 

Some of us are intrigued by buying solutions and chemicals meant for glass. That is the worst mistake you will ever make when dealing with silicone. Why? Silicone has small holes on it that permit air. When you use 70% concentrated alcohol solutions, it gets into these holes, weakening the silicone bonds. 

Silicone does not rhyme with any corrosive chemical since it will weaken over time. Later, you will start seeing cracks on the silicone, and that’s a sign that you will need a new dry pipe sooner. 

So, to make your silicone durable, never use the chemicals and other methods used to clean glass.

Waxmaid Silicone Dry Pipes


It’s not hard to clean silicone dry pipes, especially if you don’t care about that. The methods we have shared above are already approved by most cannabis consumers who have a silicone smoking accessory in their midst. 

If you consider the above information, your dry pipe will serve you for years before going for the next best model. Now, it’s time to take care of that dry pipe and see the long-term positive effects as you progress. 

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