How to Clean and Maintain the Ares Plus Electric Dab Rig?

How to Clean and Maintain the Ares Plus Electric Dab Rig

With the legalization of cannabis in some parts of the world, dab rigs have hugely advanced. Nowadays, there are numerous portable dab rig samples that you can easily purchase online. Dab rigs provide the best experience when burning your oils and concentrate.

The Waxmaid Ares Plus electric dab rig is a favorite for those who crave a smooth hit. This vaporizer is an improved model of the Waxmaid Ares dab rig designed to give you a powerful and smooth dabbing experience you cannot resist.

However, for you to get the best out of it, it has to be at its best. This article will show you how to keep your Ares Plus dab rig clean and efficient. However, let us first take a look at the make and features.

Styling and Design

The Waxmaid Ares Plus is a conical electric dab rig that stands at a height of 6.5 inches. The complexion of this product is made out of the best materials. One of them is zinc alloy that makes up the electric part of the dab rig.

Platinum-cured silicone is used to make the 18mm mouthpiece located at the middle part of the dab rig. The mouthpiece is detachable, which is a major plus when cleaning the device. Also located at the central part is a power button and an indicator.

Since the Ares Plus dab rig is electric, the power button is used for switching it on. The best part is that you do not have to spend time waiting for the atomizer to heat up. Waxmaid has introduced an ultra-thin quartz chip in the atomizer, making it heat instantly.

With this product, you can enjoy three temperature settings indicated by the indicator. The green light represents 450F, the blue light is 550F, and the yellow light is 650F. The dab rig gets charged via a USB port positioned below the indicator.

At the bottom part of this electric dab rig, Waxmaid included a transparent glass container for the water. This container allows you to view the smoke as you toke, providing a better dabbing experience. Additionally, this glass container is engineered to be wide at its base, enhancing the stability of the device. 

Inside the glass container, you will find a 37-hole glass percolator. This part aids in cooling down the smoke as you take the hits ensuring you get continuous smooth hits during your sesh.

Finally, all Waxmaid Ares Plus dab rig components come packed in a stylish bag. The bag can be carried comfortably in one hand and is smell-proof. This makes it great for traveling and allows you to enjoy your hit on the go.

Ares Plus Electric dab rig

Cleaning the Waxmaid Ares Plus Electric Dab Rig

Cleaning the electric dab rig is not a difficult task since it comes with cleaning tools. Inside the package, you will get a cleaning brush and Q-tips. These can be used to remove grease and the dab leftovers on the atomizer and the top part.

The brush achieves better clean-up since it can also go to the mouthpiece connector. There are several ways to clean the percolator and the glass container. Using soap and water is a good way to clean the glass components.

However, you can use a mixture of 70% concentrated alcohol and salt for the best results. You just have to put the honeycomb percolator and the container in separate storage bags and add the solution. Then shake vigorously for a thorough cleaning until the solution turns brown.

This signifies that all the grease is completely off the glass. After that, rinse the parts severally with running water. You can choose to use soap and water for a second cleaning.

When it comes to the mouthpiece, it is dishwasher safe. This means you can either clean it using soap and water or just throw it in the dishwasher. So, when is the right time to clean your dab rig?

The best time to wash your electric dab rig is right after a session. At this time, the device is still warm. The grease will come out much quicker, sparing you the effort of scrubbing the components.


Proper maintenance of your dab rig will go a long way in letting you enjoy more sessions from your device. Here, we will give you some maintenance tips that can help keep your dab rig efficient at all times. To begin with, it is crucial to keep the parts of the Waxmaid Ares Plus dab rig assembled.

This way, it will be next to impossible to lose or damage components of your device. Another tip you can use when traveling is to ensure all components in your bag are clean and dry. Humid conditions in the bag can damage your bag and the electric part of the dab rig. 

With this device, you get an octopus container to store your dab during a walk. This is why everything needs to stay dry while in the bag. It is also good to carry a charged device if you are traveling.

It only takes about two and a half hours to charge the device fully. Once the dab rig’s battery is full, you can get to enjoy up to sixty hits before the next recharge.


Waxmaid went out of its way here with this product. This product is worth the cost if you consider its features and ease of use and maintenance. With the above tips, we are sure that you can easily clean and maintain your electric dab rig. 

It is now time to ditch that torch and add the Waxmaid Ares Plus dab rig to your collection. You will get a dab rig that you will want to carry everywhere. Further, Waxmaid offers a 90-day warranty after the purchase of this device.

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