How do 4-IN-1 Silicone Water Pipe Work?

how Waxmaid 4 in 1 works

What tool have you been using to smoke your herb? For years, glass bongs and water pipes have been the most popular option. However, that is now changing. Seasoned stoners have now started ditching glass types and adding silicone models to their collection. 

Silicone is not only less prone to breakage as compared to glass but also dishwasher-safe when it comes to cleaning. One of the places where you can fetch a cheap and highly functional silicone water pipe is Waxmaid.

One of their most sought-after products is the Waxmaid 4-in-1 silicone water pipe that has a 4-in-1 capability. Here, we will shed light on how this water pipe works.

Waxmaid 4-IN-1 Silicone Water Pipe Overview

The Waxmaid 4-in-1 silicone water pipe is an amazing transformer in the game and is made from glass and silicone. The silicone used here is platinum-cured, BPA-free, and certified as food safe as per the FDA standards. This means that you can enjoy your sesh without worrying about any health effects after its long-term use.

The silicone water pipe comes in a wide range of colors for you to choose from. Some of the colors include the Rasta color, a blend of pink and white, and many more. So, what do you get in the package once you order the silicone water pipe? 

The Waxmaid 4-in-1 water pipe comes with a flexible silicone mouthpiece that easily fits into a silicone percolator surrounded by glass. The silicone percolator employs a clever double filtration design that ensures the smoke is cooled before you can inhale it. This, in turn, gives you much smoother hits than what you get from harsh dry pipes.

Another notable specification is its base which is made of a premium platinum-cured silicone material. The base is engineered to act as a suction cup for enhanced stability when placed onto a surface. This ensures that it does not get knocked over easily.

The Waxmaid 4 in 1 also features a silicone downstem, a 14mm glass bowl, and a titanium nail. All parts in this bong are detachable, and thus it is easy to clean the water pipe after a sesh. Assembling the parts is also easy as all the parts fit seamlessly into each other forming leak-proof joints.

The best part about this water pipe is that it comes with a magnet on the downstem. This magnet is meant for holding your lighter or any other dab tools. No stoner wants to lose their lighter, and the water pipe provides a good way to keep everything close and secure.

Now that we have an idea of how it looks let us see how it works.

Waxmaid 4 in 1

How the 4-IN-1 Silicone Water Pipe Works

The silicone water pipe is a 4-in-1. So, expect to use it in four different ways. At a glance, we can view it to work as a nectar collector, dab rig, and also a 3-in-1 water pipe.

Below, we will show you how you can achieve all four different ways of usage.

  1. Setup One

To start with, you can use it as a whole. Here, all you will need is to assemble the parts and fill the glass chamber with water. You can then go ahead to load what you are hitting onto the bowl and torch it with your lighter.

Your mouth should be on the mouthpiece as you inhale. With this setup, the whole piece works as a perc rig, and thus you can see the percolation effects as you smoke. This guarantees consistent, smooth hits that provide an excellent smoking experience.

Waxmaid 4 in 1
  1. Setup Two

The second way of using the Waxmaid 4-in-1 water pipe involves removing the glass chamber and the percolator. Then attach the mouthpiece into the glass chamber position and leave the downstem and glass bowl to stay on the side. This setup is much shorter and can easily be carried around as compared to the first setup.

  1. Setup Three

Just like the second setup, this method also involves removing the glass chamber and the silicone percolator. Here, however, you need to interchange the mouthpiece and the glass bowl. This means you need to place the mouthpiece on the side.

The glass bowl is then fitted into the percolator position.

  1. Setup Four

The last way to use this water pipe is as a nectar collector. This involves attaching the titanium nail to the opening on the smaller end of the mouthpiece. Then heat the tip of the titanium nail just as with other nectar collectors. 

After heating, allow it to cool, and then smoke your concentrate of the day through the mouthpiece. The nectar collector serves as the perfect way to consume a dab because the wastage is minimal. Moreover, it ensures that you do not burn your fingers.

Lastly, it is important to note that the Waxmaid 4-in-1 silicone water pipe comes with a manual. The manual will come in handy when you encounter a problem while setting up.



The Waxmaid 4-in-1 double percolator water pipe is a simple bong that is quite cheap. Looking at what it can do, it is clear that buying it guarantees you get value for your money. This is because the water pipe can be used as a nectar collector, a water pipe, and a dry pipe. 

With this water pipe, there is no need to smoke alone. The silicone design is advantageous as it prevents breakage compared to the glass types. What is more, the silicone allows faster cleaning after a sesh.

By now, we are sure that you can’t wait to try all the four different ways we have highlighted. Now, it’s time to head to the Waxmaid website and give it a try.

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