Dab Rigs Comparison: Ares Plus vs Ares Dab Rig

Ares Plus vs Ares Dab Rig Comparison

Waxmaid has been releasing some of the best cannabis smoking products. Thanks to their innovation, we now have an electric dab rig from them and you have to make a choice from the samples they have. 

The Ares Dab Rig arrived before, and people have used it for a long time now. In 2022, the Ares Plus will also be taking the hits and you can now book it on the Waxmaid website. 

Is there a difference between the two? Which one performs better and why? What should you pick for your vaporizing sessions without any regrets? Here is a comparison of the two as we shed light on the similarities and differences. 

The Ares Plus and Ares Dab Rig Comparison 

You will see the similarities and differences between the two dab rigs as you read. 

The Package Contents 

In both dab rigs, you get a small PU bag that holds everything and it’s quite stylish with a Waxmaid logo and a 420 meme to keep the public enticed especially if they are Waxmaid fans too. 

ares dab rig

When you open the double zippers, you will get all the contents inside and disassembled. That will include the electric dab rig, a quartz atomizer, cleaning brushes and a dab tool. There are cotton swabs for the cleaning, a wax carb cap and its belt, a percolator, glass cup, silicone glass container and a USB charging cable. 

Electric dab rig

You will also get an instructions manual in each. However, for the Ares Plus, there is an extra mouthpiece. It fits in other Waxmaid water pipes and nectar collectors. There is an octopus silicone glass container that holds the dab for you in both. 

The Hitting Mechanism 

Loading the dab on both dab rigs is the same, via the top. After loading the quartz with ultra-thin quartz, close the carb cap with the belt inserted for holding when opened. However, the Ares Plus has a better heating wire, which is why you get more temperature presets on it. 

Ares Plus Electric dab rig

The Ares dab rig requires three quick presses on the power button when switching on. That is different from the five quick presses needed on the Ares Plus. Ares has two temperature modes, and you can switch to any by pressing the power button three times quickly. 

The 450F is achieved when you see the green light on the indicator, while the 550F is signified using a yellow light. In Ares Plus, you change to different temperature modes the same way as the Ares, but you get three modes.

The green light shows that the temperature is between 450F and 550F, while blue is 550-650F, and yellow records the highs of 650-750F. That’s the power of the heating wire on the Ares Plus

Warnings and Safety 

In Ares Dab Rig, there is not much to do with safety and warnings since it does not achieve high temperatures like its pro counterpart. So, it’s just a matter of switching it on, taking the hits, and once you are done, you can put it off. 

It, however, has the same power off mode as the Ares Plus when idle, so if it sits for five minutes while on, it will power off. The Plus version goes ahead to have various warning signs as you use it. 

It starts with a 30% battery low indicator where the light changes from green to red. If it goes to 15%, you will see the red light blinking 15 times before the device switches off. That tells you it’s time to charge, and it will take 2 ½ hours to get a full battery. 

The Ares also has the same charging duration, and it will light green when charging. In Ares Plus, you will see red as it charges and light green when the battery is full. There are more safety measures as you continue to use the Ares Plus. 

If it overheats, you get a flashing red light as an indication before it goes off. You need to let it cool down before you can kick start your sessions again. As you take the dab hits, the Plus gives you a 10 seconds duration. After that, it auto-cuts off. 

If there is a short circuit, the indicator will flash the red light four times before shutting down. At that point, it’s recommendable to re-assemble the unit to see it’s working. If not, you need to contact Waxmaid customer support for further instructions. 

There is overcharge protection in both dab rigs, which means the battery will stop charging when full. 

Cleaning and Maintenance 

You need proper care on the electric dab rig you are using. The Waxmaid dab rigs are no different, and the best part is that they share the same cleaning and maintenance tips. You only need the cotton swabs to clean the atomizer at the top and the mouthpiece connection point when cleaning the electric units. 

The mouthpieces are dishwasher safe, and you can also use soap and water to clean up. The material is platinum-cured silicone, and that’s why there is nothing wrong with washing, boiling, or freezing. 

The honeycomb percolators and the glass cup at the bottom can also go into the water. To achieve the best cleaning results, use concentrated alcohol mixed with salt to clean the glass parts and ensure they are in separate storage bags. 

Before you pack the parts in the PU bag, ensure that they are all clean and dry. Humid conditions in the bag are not good for durability, and it may diminish the bag’s properties, including being smell-proof. 


By just looking at the two electric dab rigs, you may not note the difference. That’s why you have to dig deeper into the specifications and use. They are both superb when hitting the concentrates, but the difference comes when switching on and selecting the temperatures. 

We have also noted that the Ares Plus has more safety mechanisms which are great as you continue to use it. That is why it’s more expensive than the Ares dab rig. If you are on a budget, the latter will suit you. 

However, if you need a better dabbing experience, then take chances and explore the Ares Plus. They both have a 90-day warranty after the purchase, and it will take 2-3 business days for Waxmaid to deliver after making an order.  

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