6 Best Things to Celebrate On 2021 Christmas Day

6 best things to celebrate on Christmas Day

What is Christmas to you? Well, it’s the Christians that celebrate it, but it’s also a holiday moment for everyone. We don’t know whether you will learn how to dab at home or have just lost the Christmas spirit. 

If you would like to break away from the person or family tradition, then welcome here. We have ideas such as visiting the Waxmaidstore to see the perfect gifts for you and your loved ones. 

If you don’t like the fun brought by a blunt or a bong race, you can click here to get more outstanding ideas. Let’s see how you can change the routine this Christmas with the six best things to celebrate. 

Six Things to Celebrate on 2021 Christmas 

  1. Host a Party 

You may be fond of going to other people’s places during the Christmas season. There is nothing wrong with that but this time around, you can bring the folks to your place. Do you have any ideas on what to do? 

You can introduce some cool Quebec Gold or the White Widow to kickstart the happy moments if you have a few stoners in the midst. Bring out that wine you have been hiding for a year and share it with your dear friend. 

If it’s a large party, drinks and cookies will do before introducing a fun activity to keep people busy instead of just chatting and looking at each other. Those who don’t like movement can get the chessboard or scrabble. 

For the ones with a jumpy mood, get that Karaoke machine and let them sing to their favorite tunes. The best part is when you have amateurs singing. They always liven everything up. 

  1. Prepare That Weed Recipe 

You have been watching a few videos on different ways to make weed cookies or bake a cake. If you had no time to do it year-round, then plan it out this Christmas. We hope you will not be enjoying it alone. 

There is no point in getting high after eating half of the cake alone. What will you be fantasizing about during the day? Get a friend to help with the baking and cooking, and you will see the fun in it. There are numerous recipes to try out, so as you reach out for the one you need, have others in line to keep the fun going. 

  1. Watch Something Nice  

We are saying something because people have different watching tastes. You can start with Christmas releases since they are so many. It could be a movie, series, documentary, or a docuseries. 

If you are not a fan of what the masses follow, get yourself something you have been willing to watch but couldn’t find the time. If you are short of ideas, platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu TV will help you brainstorm. 

So, it’s time to check out their subscription offers if you don’t have an account on either. Documentaries are available on YouTube and platforms such as History. The latter is much better if you want to learn some quality history from way back in the day.

  1. Make Love 

Will your lover be around this Christmas? Then it’s time to rough up the sheets. Start by preparing a favorite meal, visit a park or just enjoy an activity together. That will bring up the mood. If you love watching, you can check the above point for some ideas. 

Once everything warms up, just share the warmth and let everything flow to the next morning. Find some scented candles, hang the Christmas lights, and buy that gift your partner has wanted all along to make things better. 

If you have no idea now, start shopping around. 

  1. Invite for Christmas Breakfast 

A morning breakfast invitation brings people together. You can have such an idea during Christmas and invite your friends or neighbor. Prepare something that will provide the energy for the day since breakfast is the most important meal. 

Do you have eggs? Some meat? Bacon? Flour and cooking oil? Keep brainstorming like that, and you will find a good recipe for everyone. If there are stoners around, then visit the weed recipe point above for some ideas. 

Those with friends and relatives from abroad can ask in advance. You may find something exotic to try out before the main event arrives. 

  1. Visit Santa with the Kids 

The last point is for those with a young family. We did not forget you since you will also be in the Christmas spirit. As you plan the activities to work on during this time, take the kids to the mall and let them have a chat with Santa. It will be much better if the kids get a gift. 

It may seem normal for the grown-ups, but the kids will always remember that. In addition to spending time with them, they cannot forget what they got last Christmas when we get to 2022 and beyond.

You can also introduce a Santa attire for the kids to play around with as they make snowballs and snowmen outside. That’s a good idea if you will not be taking them to the Santa. So, you will be bringing the Santa feeling to your home. 


Which of the above ideas would you like to implement? Did you find two or three of them fascinating? Go ahead and enjoy the Christmas mood and spirit in a different style. If COVID ruined how you meant to celebrate last Christmas, the above ideas will bring the right mood in 2021. 

The celebration will also be different since you will be trying out something else altogether. 

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