6 Best Thanksgiving Stoner Ideas

Thanksgiving stoner ideas

We are approaching the festive season, and there will be thanksgiving ceremonies as we say goodbye to November. Well, if it’s time to appreciate a stoning friend somewhere, then you need good ideas to surprise him. 

The ideas can also serve those who are organizing a Thanksgiving party at home or somewhere outdoors. If you are not traveling far this time, you can learn more about some fresh ideas to try out when the day arrives. 

We have six ideas to celebrate on Thanksgiving Day for the stoner and those who are joining the weedy wagon. Let’s see how you can get the mood right when D-day comes. 

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The silicone making the water pipes is platinum-cured, and the FDA has approved it as food safe. It’s, therefore, fit for long-term use and cleaning is much easier when compared to glass. You may get a combination of glass and silicone in some of the models, though. 

What you can be sure of is that the bowls and bangers included are either glass or quartz. The best part is that the water pipe you pick will be 40% off. That’s the kind of offer you would like to leverage on before thanksgiving day comes knocking. 

The water pipes are in various colors so, you are not short of variety when it comes to a product that looks pleasing to the eye. That also means your friend will also get something fascinating and worth remembering. 

Once you enjoy the first few sessions using the chosen waterpipe, you can show how to clean, and it’s easy if there is a dishwasher around.

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Mashed Potatoes with Stoner Stuffing 

You can decide to surprise your stoning friends with a side dish that they will love. Thanksgiving cannot be complete without a mouth-watering side dish. If you don’t have an idea yet, then here is the stuffing with mashed potatoes for you to try out. 

Sorry for those who don’t like consuming too many carbohydrates. It may not be suitable for your diet, but it’s not the same if you decide to have something that is finger-licking good. Adding cannabis into the mix achieves the ultimate completeness, and that’s how you get a proper stoner’s recipe right. 

Go ahead and try it out, then let the visitors load you with the comments. We just hope they will be good ones, if not mind-blowing. 

Make Some Cannabis Candles 

You thought that cannabis could only be smoked or baked? Well, that’s okay if your creativity ends there, but you can get creative if you know how to make a candle out of the dab you just bought. Candles with some marijuana will enhance the effects as they light up while you are torching yourself. 

There are guides on making a pumpkin candle holder and CBD wax. Once you have them, make yourself busy and get that candle ready before the visitors arrive. As you make the wax, don’t forget to keep some dab for later to enjoy the lighting as you light up.  

Cornbread with Cannabis

Yes, you can make that cornbread and have some flowers in it. You may have a better idea than that, but this is something you will want to try out again if you get it right. Cornbread is a staple serving during thanksgiving, and it’s a recipe associated with the Native Americans. 

You can have some cannabis in it and keep an eye on the temperature to get the best results. It’s, however, not hard if you have a controller box that can ensure that the dab has the correct burning temperatures. 

If you get it right, then expect no leftovers. 

Cannabis Place Cards with Cinnamon Sticks 

During Thanksgiving, you may have some guests who will sit around the dining table. Creating some cards with their names will make them feel welcomed and appreciated. On the other hand, it can’t end there if you can throw a new twist into the cards. 

You are a stoner, and this is the stoner anthem during thanksgiving. You can decide to attach a blunt or joint to cinnamon sticks and then hold them together using the card. There are many ideas here, but you can use the dab, and a heater coil stand for the crafting work to make it better. 

The cinnamon sticks and the joint, together with some wax, present decoration and something to puff as time passes. Some of us may get the glue idea to bind everything together, but it’s much better when dealing with the wax. 

It will also be easy to dismantle. 

Ganja Gravy 

Is there too much weed on thanksgiving day? Then you can make some ganja gravy to top the meat, especially if there is some turkey around. The good thing with this sauce is that you can use it on everything, whether green beans or stuffing. 

Once it’s at the top, everything will look and taste delicious, and that’s why we won’t blame you if you put some aside for later while alone. It’s easy to make as there are tons of recipes on the internet, and topping on the food to be served will be the next best idea. 


There you have the six best ideas for a stoner on a thanksgiving day. There is creativity in cannabis, and we hope the above points will help you brainstorm more if there is no perfect idea. 

Otherwise, pick an idea and have it as the main thing to do on thanksgiving if you will not be traveling somewhere where people do not appreciate the weed highness that much. 

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