5 Best Ways to Take a Dab with Waxmaid

how to take a dab

There is an evolution in almost everything that we do. For those who need to take a dab, it’s always about taking hits with the best tools. If your search for a recommendable one is limited, then you need to venture into the Waxmaid world.

There is a collection of smoking rigs that redefine how we do it in 2021 and beyond. They possess various designs, not to mention different ways of use which are all incredible. You may, however, not believe that until we share five of the best ways to take a dab with Waxmaid products.

Here are five water pipe models that are cheap to acquire, and they will change how you want to take the shatter hits.  

Waxmaid Dab Accessories Overview

It’s a good idea to first reflect on what you expect when you order water pipes and rigs from Waxmaid. You may want the icer water pipe or the Waxmaid 2 in 1 water pipe, among others. What you will realize is that they mostly use glass or platinum-cured silicone for the materials.

Are they safe? Yes, and thanks to surpassing the FDA requirements, you are guaranteed no health concerns as you continue to use them. It’s easier to deal with the silicone since it will protect the glass parts and be easy to clean.

The glasses will need concentrated alcohol (70% or more) to get clean, and you will get a procedure for that with every order with glass parts. You can throw them in a dishwasher for the silicone bodies, use warm water and soap, or put them in the freezer to de-gunk.

So, it’s pretty easy to deal with what Waxmaid offers whether you are using, cleaning, or maintaining. While that’s a general idea that the platform brings, you may need to know each product’s best use case scenario. Here are five of them that represent the best ways to take a dab in this era.  

The Five Ways Waxmaid Presents to Take a Dab

Waxmaid Horn Silicone Glass Water Pipe

Do you want a horn in your house for your dabs? Well, Waxmaid will not deliver a modified horn, but you will get a silicone glass water pipe with the shape. The composing materials are a long glass container that is somehow curved and a silicone body surrounding the glass.

Waxmaid Horn Silicone Glass Water Pipe

So, it’s well protected in case of accidental falls, and again, the silicone material is certified as food safe. At the bottom, there is a small downstem leading to the bottom of the container. It directs smoke into the water before circulating to cool and get to your lungs.

The outer part of the downstem hosts the banger, bowl, or whatever you are using to heat the concentrates. Just ensure that it’s 14mm wide.

The top part of the Waxmaid horn water pipe is broad enough for inhaling and also filling water. Due to the size, this water pipe is suitable for those who don’t mind dealing with clouds of smoke as you inhale.  

The platform has already sold thousands of this model, and that tells you people already love the overwhelming effect it brings apart from the needed highness. Waxmaid also owns the design so, if you see a water pipe resembling this one with no Waxmaid label, know that a designer somewhere was busy copying.

Waxmaid 4-in-1 Silicone Glass Double Percolator Water Pipe

The Waxmaid 4 in 1 water pipe also presents you with various ways to enjoy the dab hits. If you use it as a whole unit, you get double percolation which means the smoke is adequately cooled before getting to your lungs.

Waxmaid 4-in-1 Silicone Glass Double Percolator Water Pipe

More ways include having a 3 in water pipe by getting rid of the glass percolator in the middle. That way, you can have the glass bowl at the top while the mouthpiece goes to the side or vice versa. Both methods will work well as long as there is some water in the bottom chamber.

If you don’t need an assembly of most items, you can use the titanium nail and the mouthpiece to get a nectar collector. So, this is a Waxmaid water pipe that has four ways to hit the dab. More to the features here involve having a magnet on the outer part of the downstem to attach the lighter.

Waxmaid Gemini 2-in-1 Water Pipe & Nectar Collector

All sorts of things inspire Waxmaid designers. That’s why they looked at the Gemini zodiac and decided to get a Waxmaid 2 in 1 water pipe that resembles the Gemini shape. What they achieved was having a bubbler that you can disassemble to have a nectar collector.

Waxmaid Gemini 2-in-1 water pipe nectar collector

What you have here is a silicone body that imitates the diamond texture. The middle part has a thick glass cup that holds the water to cool off the smoke coming from the glass bowl. If you are out on a hike, then the Gemini will be the best companion.

The thick glass can also serve as a cup while you are out there. It can easily pop in and out of the silicone body to serve the purpose or get cleaned. The downstem will host any bowl or banger that is 14mm in size. It can also slide in and out.

If you want the nectar collector, just take out the mouthpiece and connect the titanium nail from the package. After that, you can deal with the concentrates after hitting the nail.

Waxmaid Fountain Silicone Glass Water Pipe

Taking a dab can also involve a ‘toy’ that gives a fountain effect. The Waxmaid fountain water pipe also has silicone on most of the parts, and that includes the fountain design in it. The outer part has a honeycomb pattern which gives the beauty and also offers the needed grip.

Waxmaid Fountain silicone glass water pipe

The middle part has glass that you can take off when it’s time to clean. Near the bottom, on one side, is where we have the downstem that connects to a 14mm bowl that comes with the water pipe. As you take the dab, the smoke fills the glass chamber via the percolator below.

As it moves up, the water will pop out from the middle in a fountain style. In the process, it’s cooled before getting to you.

Waxmaid Freezable Icer Silicone Water Pipe

Lastly, we have the Waxmaid icer water pipe that will cool off the smoke using freezing water. The whole pipe is made of platinum-cured silicone, which is food safe. Somewhere near the middle is where you get the downstem which hosts a 14mm glass bowl.

Waxmaid 12.5″ Freezable Icer Silicone Water Pipe

Once you fill the hollow space with water, use the centerpiece as the mouthpiece while your dab hits on the bowl. Due to having freezing water, this is an ideal solution for those who need to smoke during hot summer.

It’s simple to use, and you can tell from the explanation above. When it’s time to clean, it’s dishwasher safe, and you can’t go wrong with using soap and warm water or boiling it. Better results are also achieved when you put it in a freezer for a few hours.


In the five tools above, which one do you think will suit your dab hits this year? We will be waiting for your answers in the comment box below. They are all available for sale via the Waxmaid website, and ordering is easy, thanks to the lovely design, which is well elaborated.

There is also a variety of colors to choose from in every product. So, don’t think you will stick with an ugly color despite having your favorite choice. Now, it’s time to change how we take the dabs using the five best ways presented by Waxmaid. 

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