4 Cool Ash Catchers for Your Silicone Water Pipes [2021]

Cool Ash Catchers

Ash catchers came to save us a great deal. If you are a stoner by definition and you hate cleaning out your water pipes and bongs after every hit, an ash catcher can be your solution. We would like you to enjoy the highness after consuming your flowers, BHO, or whatever you use for the day. 

That means worrying less about cleaning. We will introduce some cool ash catchers from Waxmaid to use with your silicone water pipes. It’s time you say goodbye to dirty water pipes after your daily hits. 

What is an Ash Catcher?

It’s simply an adapter that helps in smoke filtration. You connect it to the water pipe’s downstem while the glass bowl goes at the top of the ash catcher. An ash catcher’s main job is to allow you to take smooth hits while it captures the debris before going into the main chamber. 

That means the brown residue and oils will remain in the ash catcher, leaving your water pipe (or bong) clean. Ash catchers come in different shapes and sizes. In most cases, the material is either glass or silicone. 

For those who didn’t know about it, the definition above explains it to you. After getting the idea, let’s see what Waxmaid has to offer in this niche. 

Ash Catchers from Waxmaid for Your Silicone Water Pipes

  1. Mini Silicone Ash Catcher 

For about $15, you can get a mini silicone ash catcher from Waxmaid. It’s all silicone, making it easier to deal with, whether smoking or cleaning. The silicone is platinum-cured and certified as food safe by the FDA. 

The best part is that it’s somehow transparent, and that allows you to see how the smoke accumulates as you inhale from the water pipe’s mouthpiece. The connecting part accommodates 14mm to 18mm diameters. 

If your water pipe has a downstem within that range, then you are good to go. The tube connecting to the downstem has a 45-degree angle. That is essential for two things. The angle allows the 12mm glass bowl at the top to hold the content, especially when using the flowers. For the oils, it may not be a significant concern. 

The second one is that it allows more debris and tar trapping before the smoke gets to the main compartment. That is how you get rid of stickiness in the water pipe after the session. 

Cleaning the mini ash catcher is easy since it’s all silicone. So, it can go to the dishwasher, or you can opt for warm water and soap. Freezing is also a good option since it will help get rid of the gunk quickly by brushing off after removing the ash catcher from the freezer. 

Waxmaid mini silicone ash catcher
  1. Joint Bubbler 90 Degree Glass Reclaim Catcher 

The next one on the list is a glass ash catcher, which is quite sophisticated. Waxmaid made a reclaim ash catcher that comes as a combination of a joint bubbler and a 90-degree banger for the concentrates.

The glass is thick and clear, which is excellent for watching the smoke as it fills. The clearness also aids in noticing the earliest signs of residue accumulation. The bubbler has a male joint that is 14mm in diameter. 

It can therefore accommodate downstems within that diameter range. At the top, you can fix a 90-degree or a 45-degree banger. The one included has the prior angle, making it suitable for converting your water pipe or dab rig into an oil rig. 

You will find this reclaim ash catcher worthy if you have the Waxmaid 4-in-1 or the Crystor S water pipe. At the bottom, there is a silicone holder that pops in and out. That allows you to fill in some water into the bubbler if you need more cooling effects.  

The bottom silicone holder also serves as a storage container for your wax. So, it’s an ash catcher that will also aid in carrying your contents. You need to note that while it’s in use, it can make your water pipe heavier on one end. 

That is why stability is crucial as you use it together with the water pipe. 

 14mm reclaim catcher
  1. Silicone & Glass Ash Catcher Kit 

Would you like more out of an ash catcher? Waxmaid has an ash catcher kit with everything you need. It’s 4.96 inches tall when everything is connected and 1.69 inches wide. This type of ash catcher has an intriguing design that combines silicone and glass. 

The silicone is platinum-cured, and according to the FDA, it’s fit for use. It composes the main chamber and the tube that connects to the downstem. It allows you to use it on 14mm and 18 mm downstems. 

Inside the silicone, you get a small glass cup that acts as a water holder. Filling in the water requires you to remove the top downstem where you hook the banger. After that, you can insert the downstem followed by the 90-degree banger. 

Waxmaid also includes a glass bowl in the package, allowing you to use either depending on the convenience. The joint angle when connecting to the water pipe or dab rig is 45 degrees. That allows the ash catcher to capture much of the residue, keeping your more giant system cleaner. 

If you have water in the main chamber and the ash catcher, what you will be getting is cooler and smoother hits all the time. When it’s time to clean, the silicone is dishwasher safe, and you can also decide to freeze it. 

The glass parts will require putting them in separate storage bags. Proceed to add a mixture of coarse salt, and 70% concentrated alcohol. Shake well until you get a brown solution before rinsing the parts and leaving them to dry.

Waxmaid 4.96″ Silicone&Glass Ash Catcher Kit
  1. Waxmaid 14mm Terp Slurper Banger 

The fourth and last on the list is a product that seems too classy to be an ash catcher. There are marbles and beads to deal with, and that makes it unique. It’s the 14mm terp slurper banger which is 90 degrees, and it has a set of four pieces.

The four pieces include a marble at the top, a pill-shaped bead, a valve, and the main banger with a tube. While in use, the bottom part allows airflow, thanks to the three slots on it. Once it gets to the terp bead, it causes rotation, allowing the ash catcher to retain the needed heat to vaporize the concentrates. 

It’s pretty spectacular to watch the terp bead rotating, and that’s why it appears too classy. You may worry about breaking and durability. The prior requires care and maintenance, and while for the latter, you need to know its quartz. 

It’s high quality and will survive under 1600 oF heat. That tells you that you don’t need to worry due to prolonged heating. The package includes three pieces of marble and a customized quartz banger. 

Since it’s all glass and marble, cleaning requires a mixture of 70% concentrated alcohol and coarse salt. Just place the pieces in a storage bag and then pour the solution. Shake until you get a brown solution, and then rinse before leaving them to dry.

14mm terp slurper


Which of the cool ash catchers caught your eye? Don’t let 2021 end before getting your chosen option. Waxmaid will deliver before you even know it, thanks to their fast delivery. It only takes 2-3 business days after placing an order. 

Your expensive water pipe should not get dirty every time it’s in use. Get yourself an ash catcher to arrest the residue as you get smoother hits. 

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