3 Best Ways to Prevent Your Silicone Water Pipes Destroyed

avoid Silicone Water Pipes from Getting Destroyed 

Silicone water pipes have become popular since they are affordable and flexible too. It’s also easy to mold silicone into different attractive shapes and styles. If you want to see what silicone can make, visit the Waxmaid website to see the available variety. 

How you prevent that silicone water pipe from getting destroyed is a vital move towards its longevity. That calls for the best maintenance measures when using your water pipe to smoke and clean. 

We have three ways that you can use to ensure that your water pipe gives you the maximum benefits. So, if you recently switched to silicone from glass, then this blog is for you. It also goes for those who prefer silicone over the glass. 

How to Prevent Your Silicone Water Pipes from Getting Destroyed 

Tip1: Using Safe Cleaning Ways on Your Silicone Water Pipe 

Cleaning your silicone is much easier than dealing with glass, and that’s a plus on using the prior material. On the other hand, you need safe ways to clean it to ensure it serves its purpose the right way and for longer. 

With that, some ways can ensure you have your water pipe serving you for years. Here are some of the methods you can use to clean your water pipe 


You can use warm water and soap to clean different water pipes, especially those from Waxmaid. It’s safe to use water on silicone or throw it in the dishwasher. You have to disassemble it first to get the best results. 

Warm water will get between the parts and do the magic. If you are going for the dishwasher, you only need to worry about what comes out clean after taking the water pipe apart. 

This is considered one of the safest ways to clean your silicone water pipe. 


Another way to get rid of the brown residue is by boiling the silicone. If you are doubting, it’s another recommendable way to ensure that your water pipe is as clean as a whistle. Boiling allows the sticky substance to melt from the silicone walls and tubes. 

It also guarantees the best results since you won’t struggle with washing away the residue. 


This is another superb way to ensure that your pipe is clean and intact. Freezing will not only help you get rid of the gunk, but it will also help the silicone retain its best qualities. Why? Because it will keep hardening in the process. 

All you need to do is put the water pipe in the freezer for a few hours and let the gunk pill off. After that, take out the water pipe and then brush off the gunk using a bristle brush. You can also tap it if the residue is easily removable that way. 

It is recommendable to freeze the water pipe once in a while to promote the long-term use of silicone. 

Use Vinegar for Better Effects 

Silicone water pipes will become clean if you use vinegar. Just take the water pipe apart and put each of the parts in separate storage bags. After that, pour in a solution of vinegar mixed with baking soda. 

You can leave the silicone there for a few hours before rinsing. After that, leave the parts to dry, or you can use a kitchen towel. The power of baking soda in the vinegar is to help in scrubbing off the residue and leaving your water pipe clean. 

This is essential when you are attending to the downstem and other narrow parts.

Tip 2: Don’t Use Unsafe Cleaning Ways on Silicone Water Pipes 

Some methods or solutions may be recommended when cleaning silicone water pipes, but they can be misleading. Anything harsh or corrosive is not suitable for silicone, as we will see below. 

Use of Concentrated Alcohol 

Silicone and alcohol combination is a no-go zone. This method is okay on glass parts, and we will discuss that in the next section. Alcohol has a corrosive effect, and the higher the concentration, the more you present a worst-case scenario. 

Silicone has a small hole that permits air, and they need to have a solidified bond. Exposing the material to alcohol means the liquid gets into these holes and causes the silicone to weaken over time. 

So, if someone advises you to mix some alcohol with salt and use it to clean the silicone water pipe, don’t take the advice. 

Tip 3: Separate the Silicone and Bowl Cleaning Methods 

When dealing with silicone, you need to separate it from the glass bowl and clean it separately. You need the glass bowl cleaned using concentrated alcohol, and as we said above, you cannot use that on silicone. 

So, ensure that the glass bowl is in a separate storage bag and use the concentrated alcohol and salt to clean it. Shake until you get a dirty brown solution before rinsing the bowl. The same method is okay if you use any other glass or quartz materials, especially if you prefer the banger. 

The silicone can be in warm water or the dishwasher as you clean the glass parts. 


The above ways will help you keep your silicone water pipe for longer and prevent it from being destroyed. Waxmaid provides quality silicone products. The water pipes will have platinum-cured silicone, which is FDA approved. 

You, however, need the best cleaning and storage ways to ensure that it serves the purpose and you can enjoy it every time you need to take a few hits. Take the above measures into consideration and incorporate them into the water pipes to see them growing old with you. 

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